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Hass Avocados from Michoacan

We are an avocado trading company partnering with farmers from the center-west zone of México: Michoacán, a state nationally known for their best quality Hass avocados.

Our team consists of farmers who grew up being the children and grandchildren of those masters who introduced them to the art of avocado growing. Acquiring first hand experience walking and touring the land from a very early age, making this job their life-style and passion. 

Learning throughout the years different ways to improve the avocado production processes, providing the international market a top notch product. 

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The All-In-One Solution

Our processes encompass all steps necessary between the source to their final destination. Starting from the soils were the best quality avocados are sourced from to the desired destination.  


Our team consists of first hand experienced farmers and agronomy engineers with knowledge in production technologies, cultivation techniques, fruit quality, and post harvest management.


We have broad experience in the areas of packaging and conservation, selection and shipping logistics, custody chain, and cold chain management. 


Acquired experience in product commercialization after years of presence in the market focusing in understanding its needs. Exporting our avocados to the United Arab Emirates, Spain, Holland, China, Japan, Turkey, Canada, and the United States to mention some.


The Best Quality Avocados

Our avocados meet with the characteristics necessary for exportation such us: larger size, higher content of dry matter, longer shelf life.

Our packaging options are many, boxes with a capacity of 11.3 kgs, 6 kgs. 4 kgs. and 1 kg. Fabric net. 

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5 Reasons for choosing us

  • We take care of everything, from choosing the fruit to the arrival to its final destination. 
  • Broad experience in all the processes, from production to exportation. 
  • Partnership with over 100 national producers to meet with the global demand. 
  • Over 20 years of experience exporting the product to Latin America, Europe, and Asia. 
  • Larger size fruit, with a higher content of dry matter, and a longer shelf life.


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